March 15 Protests

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[edit] Time and Place

The CoS bookstore is located at 1906 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. Map.

We will be protesting on the stretch of sidewalk across the street from the CoS storefront. As on 2/10, the first Anons should arrive at about 11:00 am. Because the weather is likely to be considerably improved for 3/15, we will endeavor to stay longer.

A note: The South Side is lousy with popular drinking establishments. 3/15 falls on St. Patrick's Day weekend. It may be advisable to be off the streets before the bars get crowded and the passersby get intoxicated.

[edit] Transportation

What worked best for transportation on 2/10 was for smaller satellite groups of Anons to meet up on their respective campuses or another convenient locality and travel together to the site of the main protest, by bus, so as to avoid having a vehicle at the protest with license plate numbers that can be easily tracked. For those who are unable to take Pittsburgh public transit to the event or who are coming in from out of town, there is an affordable parking garage approximately eight blocks from the CoS storefront, outside of the Southside Works shopping area.

[edit] Local Law

The South Side precinct of the Pittsburgh Police department was very fair to Anonymous on 2/10. A member of Anonymous called and spoke with a local sergeant the week before 2/10 as a courtesy, but provided we stay on the sidewalk and do not block foot traffic, no special permits are required. Two officers were present on CoS property throughout the day, but there were no altercations with them.

A few provisions to note:

  • Due to noise ordinances, there can be no boomboxes or the like.
  • There can be no littering -- if you bring fliers, foamboard signs, or any other propaganda, take what hasn't been handed out with you when you leave.
  • Do not block sidewalk traffic. Go out of your way to let people pass you.
  • Do not step into the street while protesting. We are limited to use of the sidewalk. A few Anons stepped into the side of the road on 2/10, and a police officer came over to politely remind us to stay off the street. While they did not make a big deal about it, we do not want to give the CoS any excuses to call our activities illegal.
  • Masks are perfectly legal and strongly recommended.

[edit] The Media

On 2/10, Pittsburgh Anonymous got coverage from WTAE, WPXI, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in addition to some independent YouTube journalists and a writer for a South Side newsletter. A few members of Anonymous were designated to speak to the media representatives and give an overview of our mission (they will re-introduce themselves at the start of Operation Party Hard so everyone's familiar with them), and then the reporters were free to interview any member of Anonymous who wished to speak with them.

The goal for Operation Party Hard is to reach out to the remaining media outlets in the area, in addition to picking up further coverage from those who spoke to Anonymous on 2/10. Any Anon with connections to members of the Pittsburgh media is encouraged to utilize them to get the word out. Invite press representatives out on 3/15 to see for themselves what Anonymous is doing.

Areas of media coverage that could be improved upon include university publications and local radio.

[edit] Signs and Fliers

The best type of easy-to-make sign turned out to be markers-on-foamboard, as anything with tape got blown apart by the wind, and poster board was too flimsy.

"Honk if" signs got a great response from motorists and no negative reaction from the police. However, there is to be no use of the word HATE on signage for 3/15. "Honk if you hate Scientology" got a reaction, but because Scientology has accused Anonymous of being a hate group, this was questioned by the PPG reporter at the protest as conflicting with our stated objective. We do need "Honk if" signs, but nothing that contradicts our overall stance. "Honk if Scientology is a cult," etc. would likely be just as effective but less dubious to the press.

Plans are in the works to start massive flier-hanging campaigns on the Pittsburgh university campuses. Fliers are available for download on the forums, or you can be creative and make your own. It goes without saying, but obey your campus rules regarding advertising. Fliers can mention 3/15, or can simply promote sites like or, where people can learn more about the CoS.

Also, there were some fliers on 2/10 linking Terri Schiavo's death to Scientology. Although Terri died near Clearwater, she was not treated in a Scientology owned clinic, so please don't use fliers mentioning her because it will only weaken arguments about the deaths of Lisa McPherson and others.

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